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zion city FAQ

God is doing something new at our church and we believe He has given us a new name to mark it.
48 years ago, Pastor Virgil Jones (our founding pastor) set out to build an extraordinary church that would reach Tucson with the Gospel. Several years ago, God began to speak to our leadership through prayer, fasting, and prophetic voices about something new. Biblically, God often changed a name to establish something new (Abram to Abraham, Jacob to Israel, Saul to Paul). God revealed, through Isaiah 43:19, that He would do something new, and it would spring forth from what began over 40 years ago. We believe God has provided us a new name, not only to establish something new but as an invitation to fulfill the prophetic words given to our church.

Biblically, Zion is an important location. It refers to both a hill in the city of Jerusalem and to the city itself. We believe God has given us the name Zion City not only to signify something new, but to set us apart. Psalms 48 describes Zion as a fortified stronghold, a place of refuge and beauty, a holy place where the Lord dwells. We believe Zion City will be this type of place.

We are excited about helping people encounter God and transform culture. We will be rebranding our ministries to create greater unity and simplified communication (Ex: Zion City Kids and Zion City Students). This will help us connect better with our first-time guests.

What we valued in the beginning (over 48-years ago) we still value today: prayer and fasting, the Bible, worship, and the prophetic. What makes us distinct as a church is our pursuit of the following:

- Presence-Centered: we believe that one encounter with God changes everything.
- Excellence: we believe that excellence is in the details.
- Generosity: we are blessed to be a blessing.
- Stewardship: we serve with insight, integrity, and skill.
- Health: we believe that healthy things grow.
- Relationships: we are better together.
- Future-Generations: we are the church of today, building for tomorrow.
- People-Matter: because all people matter to God, all people matter to us.

Zion City is affiliated with the Assemblies of God and other like-minded churches and networks

If you have already completed Growth Track and signed the Partnership Covenant, then you are still a partner!

If you are already using the online platform (Pushpay), nothing will change; your account numbers and ability to find your giving history/transactions remain the same.

Our vision for reaching the greater Tucson area through campuses will remain the same. We are prayerfully considering how and when to re-open campuses closed during COVID-19.

First, we want you to pray. Pray for unity within the church, for the pastors and leadership, and for God to continue to bless us so that we can bless others. This new season is full of excitement, and we hope that you’ll lean into the opportunities that God gives you to share with others. We are thankful for your commitment to build an extraordinary church that Encounters God and Transforms Culture.